I am a passionate South Australian offering freelance photography, event management, marketing, consultancy, recipe design and MC services to the food and beverage industry.

I eat my way around South Australia and beyond to bring a visual representation of food and beverage products to help promote businesses through clean, crisp photos allowing potential customers to ’Eat with their Eyes’.  I pair my artistic and extroverted flair with my my passion for local produce and photography to create enticing images, providing consumers with an insight and understanding of product offerings.


After a many years working in sales, marketing and event management, I have gained a wide variety of skills, which when married up with my eye for detail, time management, industry networks and love of food, beverages and Australia, it allows me to create point of difference, memorable outcomes and return on investment for my customers.

If you have a requirement for my services, feel free to contact me.


Dougal McFuzzlebutt